Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Top Five Toys I'm Waiting For

Japan Debris by RESTORE

I often get asked "So what toy(s) are you looking forward to?" Without thinking too much about it, I quickly came up with this list. It's been a while since i've been this excited about this many new toys. I confined my choices to new toys as opposed to new colorways or variants. What are YOU looking forward to?

Above: Debris Sofubi by RESTORE. I've been told this guy could hit as early as May. Soooooo stoked...!

The controversial ULTRUS BOG by SKINNER. Pre-Orders all SOLD OUT and no one has even seen the toy.
Skinner @ Double Punch

GARAKUTAGIGAS by Alex Wald and Altelier G-1. Just scroll down for more pics. Due out this Summer at World Characters Convention in Tokyo. REally Excited about this guy...!
Alex Wald x Altelier G-1 GARAKUTAGIGAS

Mongrol by 3A. First of the ABC Warriors line up. Ordered a while ago. Hopefully will be showing up in May. Gotta love mecha gorillas..!
3A Mongrol

Soul of Chogokin God Sigma. Checking out my buddy Dustin's vintage version made me want to get this updated SOC incarnation. Due out in July.
GOD SIGMA SOC vs Vintage

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