Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Star Wars Re-enacted with Action Figures in 3 Minutes..!

this video is an oldie but very well done. Created with your very own 3.75" action figures, it recreates the memorable scenes from the original Star Wars. It even has that vintage look and

Commissioned by Hasbro. Produced by Probot Productions with Kenner/Hasbro action figures, in 2000. Shot & Directed by Damon Wellner. CGI Effects by Kellfire Bray. Visit our website for making of info and lots more movies:

To answer a few questions...
We built some sets with playsets, Blockade Runner walls were made with vaccuform plastic, several walls were printed on paper by taking stills from the films, removing characters in photoshop and isolating each wall and blowing it up to scale.
Lots of "making of" info on our website:

Check out their Alien 5 (squared) movie:

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