Wednesday, May 04, 2011

High Dream Grendizer Die-Cast Toys

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I spotted these die-cast Grendizer toys on I thought to myself: cool, more Grendizer toys and in die-cast...! I went to his affiliate link over at Entertainment Earth and saw that there was a decent assortment of Grendizer toys by High-Dream. It's a Japanese company but is distributing to the US and European market. Grendizer or Goldrake in Europe is big.

Grendizer is one of my favorite characters and I do own the High Dream mini spazer with ejectable Grendizer, but I was wondering what about these other die-cast toys. Grendizer himself is around 6" tall and goes for $50. ok, an inch shorter than the SOC version. If you want the set with the Spazer, it costs you $150. Hmmmmmm, less toy for the same or probably more than you can get the SOC version with Spazer. If the set was $100, I would probably be all over it. As it is now, $50 too much.

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