Sunday, May 29, 2011

Killer J First Custom Sarumon Competition...!

Killer J Sarumon custom contest

Killer J has a custom Sarumon contest for you. Buy this unpainted red Sarumon, customize it, send him pictures and maybe win a prize..! For ¥3,000, not a bad price. I'm liking the bright red base of this toy as well.

Killer J First Custom Competition Start since now.

Competition Details:
1.Unpainted SARUMON is on sale thru email since now.
Price:Yen 3000/pcs+shipping & Charges(1 or more pcs order is accept).


Remember email include your name,address & telephone number.

2.Custom spray your SARUMON!!

3.Please send following information to following email after you finish your SARUMON.

Custom Spray Deadline is 1 October 2011.

Your Name,Address,Telephone number & Your Custom Spray SARUMON's Name.
(Remember includ Front,Back & Your favourite angle total 3 Photos).


Competition Prize:

First Place(GOLD)-1 Winner:
Custom JANGO 1pcs+
Custom SARUMON 2pcs+
First Place's SARUMON factory production 2pcs

Second Place(SILVER)-2 Winners:
Custom SARUMON 1pcs+
First Place's SARUMON factory production 1pcs

Third Place(BRONZE)-3 Winners:
First Place's SARUMON factory production 1pcs

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