Friday, May 13, 2011

Audrey Kawasaki Timed Release Print: Charlotte Wins..!

Audrey Kawasaki

I have to admit being a closet Audrey Kawasaki fan. I don't own any of her prints yet, but this upcoming "Timed Released Print" might be my first. Essentially, an unlimited number of prints are sold within a specific time period. If you put in your order during this window, you will get one. This post was originally going to be about you getting to vote on which one, but Blogger has been down and voting is now over. My favorite "Charlotte" above won by 43 votes so i'm stoked. I really find the juxtoposition of this soft little girl next to all the hard bones and animal skeletons interesting. Check back for more info on how and when to place your order.

Audrey Kawasaki
I Won't Forget You

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