Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Squadt...!

bp_10_mult_560 400x359
Trouble Boys No. 10 Hatchet

I ordered my first Squadt on monday. I'm kind of excited. I have never been a big fan of the normal versions, but they seem to be popular. But this collaboration with Brandt Peters on these "Trouble Boys" are awesome. Great size at 6" tall. Retro/vintage gangster vibe going on. I love accessories so this toy is right up my alley. The skull helmet obviously makes the toy. The tiny hat, suit and axe are very cool additions. At $85 each, not a terrible price either. They were Sold Out in minutes on monday with a run size of 250 so it looks like people agree.

Previous Versions:

Trouble Boys No. 23 Big Sleep
brandt_ferg_squadt_23_450 400x320

Trouble Boys No. 45 Scram
BP_45_MULTI_reg_450 400x320

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