Monday, May 23, 2011

KAWS Karimoku Companion: $3,000???

kaws_woodcompanion1 400x533

The interwebs have been a buzz about this KAWS Original Fake x Karimoku Companion. First spotted in the Dos Equis video back in November posted here, it's finally going into production.

Karimoku is a famous Japanese furniture maker with a "thorough knowledge of Wood and a Love for Wood". I wonder if this accounts for the $3,000 price tag. Yes, KAWS is expensive, we all know that. But i'm having problems reconciling it. It's only 12" tall for pete's sake. The Sorayama Companion which is completely made of metal was a third of the price and designed by Sorayama..!!!!

I'm sorry, but for $3,000 I could have a luxury vacation in Indonesia with money left over to have the same guys carve me twelve different versions is every kind of wood known to man.

Wooden Kaws Companion

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