Monday, May 16, 2011

Misty Fog's Ultimate MEGALITH by Le Merde @ THRASHOUT..

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100th anniversary of the first powered flight has been achieved in Japan in 1910. Knowing what I know ... far beyond the galaxy,
Understand whether the ancient craft beyond space and time (can warp), along with Le Merde (Merude level) plays a third of the much-awaited visit.

Than a year from the second visit in March 2010 ...
Reverse technology and modern civilization, civilization encountered MikeKelly ancient universe that had the art of brainwashing LeMerde leader in ancient civilizations [MEGALITH (Megalith)] in order to develop the Japanese challenge to the future of the toy industry ( Residents Adati) power, and again teamed with the dream of molding technology.
They have their own organization [MISTY FOG (Misutifogu)] and the bid, and the perspectives for the future of the world Dream Toys exhibition] decided to hold a show for the realization.

A mysterious painting had not been confirmed so far, from the custom figures and other advanced materials, and exhibited and sold a number of soft vinyl figures and made of resin and colored newly discovered ancient,
Adult students, including children, families and researchers, technicians and ancient civilization and the universe, and many other people-related business people LeMerde event is expected to be a very valuable and you touch the power of dreams.

Misty Fog's Ultimate MEGALITH] [a ​​show by Le Merde
May 28, 2011 (Saturday) - June 3 (Fri)
(Autograph session: 5 / 28 14:00)

Gargamel Flag Store THRASH OUT
Suginami Ward, Tokyo 高円寺南 2-51-9-2F

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