Friday, May 13, 2011

Todd Robertson Custom Mecha Drazorus / Drazoran Time Lapse Video

we just finished putting together a stop motion timelapse of Todd Robertson customizing a Max Toy Co Drazorus / Drazoran. Todd's Mechanical virus components have become a trademark to his work and this video gives some insight into his process. In the video, the camera was set up to shoot an image every 5 seconds, and Todd went to work. Over 4 days and about 24 hours of combined shooting over 8,000 images were captured. The piece 'Custom Drazorus / Drazoran (Mecha Edition) is going to be featured in Return, a group show at Lot F Gallery on the 27th. The show is to feature Percy Fortini-Wright, Todd Robertson, William Long and Jamie O'Neill. Todd will have a slew of new toys and paintings.

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