Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CM's Corp Patlabor Taisyo!!!

l01 400x422

I really don't know anything about these interesting mechs except that I believe they come from the Patlabor universe. Perhaps Heavy Mechs when the going gets rough? Maybe space versions for missions on Mars? In any case, they look cool.

index 400x167

l02 400x422

l03 400x422


Anonymous said...

From what I recall, those are the 'civilian labors' in the series, in this case, the construction and police use versions.

You going to get one? I'm on the fence about them- maybe waiting for the next release: the Hercules.

toybot studios said...

hmmmmm, i'm kinda on the fence too. they look ok, but nothing special.

What does the Hercules look like?

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