Sunday, September 16, 2007

Secret Base Big Battle Mini Figures!!!


ok, quick post on these little buggers. Not actually made by Secret Base, but a cool idea nonetheless. They are pretty much the same size as the Secret Base erasers, but we discovered this weekend at Super7, probably not the exact same sculp. Pretty close though. There are eight regular figures total: 4 Skullbrains and 4 Skullbees plus 2 secret variants for a total of 10. One of the secret variants is a Balzac Bee. Each figure comes with a little card. If you collect all 10 cards, you get to turn it in for a giant Skullbee. Which would be cool cause he's like 24 inches tall or something...Huge!

I bought a case of 12 and received all of the normal figures which is cool and 4 doubles. I understand the chase figures are pretty rare, but when I heard that Manimal on the board got the Balzac Bee, but no card, I was kinda pissed. If you get a chance, you should get a card, right? Which leads me to believe that assembling all 10 cards is going to be hard. Let me know if you pull it off.

Just missing the bottom two cards. Hook a brother up!


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