Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Michael Kwong's Galaxy Bunch!!!!


I got my grubby hands on a set of these "Galaxy Bunch" mini figures designed by Michael Kwong. I have to say i'm impressed. In a sea of mini figures, these little guys are a breathe of fresh air! Great character design, detailed figures with a bit of heft to them. Available now through any retailer associated with DKE.


Alpha (above)
Alpha is a cycbot just like other citizens in Metropolitan Planet. He has a mechanical body but still remains a human mind. He always dreams of flying away from his planet to find the mysterious Earth that he has only seen in comic books. He is an ambitious, brave but occasionally short-tempered boy. He likes driving and hopes someday he can drive his favorite spaceship traveling around the universe.

Beta is the best friend of Alpha. She is a genius with wide knowledge of the universe. She likes reading and she also has good memory. On the top of her head, there is a projector that can show out what she is thinking into image. Also, she is optimistic and sensitive. She companies Alpha to start their amazing journey to find Earth.


He is a double headed cycbot that can transform to almost all machines he wants. He is good at fixing things and he has made a lot of amazing inventions out of trash. Unavoidably, sometimes there is argument from this two heads because they can't make the same decision.


He always tells people that how good a shooter he is. But in fact he is just a phony. He told people that he has saved a lot of people's life from monster even these has been exaggerated a thousand times. One more thing, his shot never aims to the target right once.


Everybody is expert on diving in a planet called the Hyraland except Octobot. He lives alone on the surface of the ocean. As he was born with a dumb lifebelt on his waist, so he can only float on the surface of the water. He is so lonely but finally he gets a chance to leave his planet to find the place he can live freely. He is easy to get panic that when he gets nervous, his tentacles will become out of control. However he was born with an awesome skill that he can pull off part of his tentacle by will without any pain. It does save his life from dangerous situations a plenty of time.


Although Omega was born with a mean face just like other Omegese, he is a very kind and considerate person. Everybody knows that the Omegese is the scariest people in our universe that cannot mess with. But in fact, Omega likes to play with small animal and like to cook. That makes a lot of Omegese mad. They swear that they will hunt him down to maintain their planet's pride.


Poseidon was born in a city that full of crime. He is a nice person but he is a little bit nosey. Also, he is very shy that sometimes when he hears people laughing, he will think that they are picking on him, then his face will turn red and he will turn himself invisible. However, this amazing skill is not perfect because his eye doesn't cover in the invisible list.


She is the younger sister of Supernovo. They are heiress of the superhuman race. She likes to follow her sister playing around as she runs very fast. Supernova wears a rectangular helmet on her head and when she cries, this helmet will become a deadly weapon that can shoot out destructive laser beam. Although she is so powerful, she is too young to control her superpower yet.


She was born with a superpower that can fly anyway she wants, also her unbreakable helmet is her best defensive weapon. She always wanders around with her twin sister, Supernova, making a lot of trouble.......


About the Galaxy Bunch

The image of the Galaxy Bunch was first launched at Hong Kong Comic Festival in 2003. It was designed by famous Hong Kong designer, Mr. Michael Kwong. A set of nine characters had attracted many fans immediately due to their stylish and unique appearances. The Galaxy Bunch has developed from only flat 2D graphic images to products, tees, toys and very soon, the first story of the Galaxy Bunch called “The Stone of Creation” will be launched.

Michael focused on developing individual character’s personality and tried to establish a complete dimension for the story in the past few years. In 2007, more than 60 characters in the story have been created by Michael, which included monsters, creatures, aliens and robots. Each character has its own characteristic and personality.

For the toy of galaxy bunch, a set of nine characters called “The Virus Series” is now available for people to order. They are three inches tall in height and each character has been painted with different colors and patterns. Each pack of toy has a cooper chain come with it.

The footprint of Galaxy Bunch has appeared in many exhibitions and toy shows, such as Taipei International Toy Fair 2006 and 2007; Hong Kong Licensing Show 2006; Hong Kong InnoExpo 2006; Hong Kong AniCon 2006; San Diego Comic Convention 2007 and so on. Amazingly, 500 pieces of three inches night grow version of Galaxy Bunch’s toys have been sold out in Taipei International Toy Fair 2006 in four days.


Jennifer George said...

Those are awesome!

David said...

i cant wait to get these. I love the scuplts

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