Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Gargamel Gang for September!!!

Gargadeath3 400x533

Here is a sneek peak at Gargamel latest releases for September!! I'm digging how Gargadeath is getting more love these days!! Two new colorways in just the last couple of months?? Keep 'em coming!!

Gargadeath1 400x533

New Deathra? Sign me up!!! I like this colorway. It's not Hawaiian, but still very tropical...

MiniDeathra1 400x533

MiniDeathra2 400x533

The Mighty Mightyn...prolly one of the least appreciated figure around...

MiniMightin1jpg 400x533

MiniMightin2 400x533

And a new opaque Killer with freckles!!!

Killer1 400x299

Killer2 400x299

While not going to be released everywhere, we have this interesting Zagoran collaboration between Gargamel and retailer HMV. I like it!!



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BOTTLED IDEA Design said...

where will these be able to be purchased?

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