Monday, September 24, 2007

Secret Base x Usugrow Rebel Ink Black & White Figures!!

picture5zy5 400x307

The much anticipated Secret Base x Usugrow figure has been announced for a release hopefully this month in two colors, white and black. Both will have Usugrow's signature tatoo styling printed on both sides of the figure. They will retail for around $70 each. I'm digging the black version, but will have to get both. Thanks Glenn and Carl for the pics!

picture3kt9 400x296

picture6mq6 400x306

picture4sh0 400x299

DSCF5607 400x299

DSCF5602-1 400x299

In case you're not familiar with Usugrow's works, CLICK HERE for pics from his show at Fifty24SF Gallery!


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