Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Toy Karma Show at Rotofugi, Chicago Sept 8th Update!!!

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Mark Nagata's Toy Karma show is this Saturday, September 8th at Rotofugi in Chicago and while there are a lot more surprises to unfold over the next few days, i've taken the liberty to compile a visual reference list of what we know will be available so far...Thanks to Jack and Francine at Vinyl Pulse for the coverage and sponsorship!

RealxHead above and below. Just announced this morning are an unpainted Chaos shown below and a painted version. The one above may be a custom or one off by Mori? Having three RxH Chaos released at a single show would be un-usual!!


Koji Harmon's pregnant Zag

DSC05499 400x547


Rumble Monsters Damnedron Three Pack:

0901chicago 400x305

Frank Kozik custom assortment:

Chicago 400x285

BLObPUS painted and unpainted

toykarma_blobpus 400x299


Bob Conge's Plaseebo

plaseebo-web_b 400x350

Mark Nagata's custom Yira

Yira_5_Custom_Death_Eyes_b 400x400

Toy Karma
Curated by Mark Nagata

Opening Night
Saturday, September 8, 2007

Featuring works by:
-- Bear Model
-- Tim Biskup
-- Blobpus
-- CCP
-- Chanmen
-- Bob Conge
-- Ralph Cosentino
-- Cronic
-- Dream Rockets
-- Bob Eggleton
-- Joshua Ellingson
-- Carlos Enriquez
-- FarEast Monsters
-- Steve Forde
-- Gargamel
-- Koji Harmon
-- Rae Huo
-- Katope
-- Frank Kozik
-- Jing Lee
-- Jimbo Matison
-- Mark Miyake
-- Mark Nagata
-- Martin Ontiveros
-- Real Head
-- Rumble Monsters
-- Bwana Spoons
-- Alex Wald
-- Zakka

And limited edition show exclusive toys by:

-- Cronic
-- Rumble Monsters
-- Real Head
-- Blobpus
-- Max Toy Company

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