Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona Action Figure Set!!!


This set definitely caught my attention. Since one of my favorite pieces is the cold-cast resin statue of Cloud on his Hardy Daytona, I was very pleased to see Square-Enix decide to make it in action figure form. Following the success of the Cloud and Fenrir set from Advent Children, the OG Hardy Daytona set was a no-brainer. I'm waiting patiently for Kadaj and his motorcycle set too. To be released in Japan around January you can pre-order it for around $80 at Hobby Link Japan or go local and pay less on the figure and shipping with BigBadToyStore for around $70. Is it me or does the top pictures look like the front end is much more raked? The bottom pictures almost don't look like the Hardy Daytona at all.

page-8519 400x229

pa_105450_2 400x400

SEP10047 400x299

SEP100472 400x299

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