Monday, September 17, 2007

Garimpo x EXOHEAD Grodnoid!!!!


ok, i'm going to have to admit my suckiness right now. On September 9th, Garimpo released this amazing EXOHEAD Grodnoid figure which is a new production sculp. Can you tell what those things are sticking out of it's head? They are female legs!!! Believe it or not, I was planning on posting this just before September 9th. I realize it's a week later but most of you guys reading this blog already knew about this release and this is just eye candy, right? ok, my apologies. If you were lucky enough to send your order in on the appointed time and have managed to get your Yen together and sent registered mail to Japan, there is a pretty good chance you might get yours. I'm still crossing my fingers. How the hell do you get Yen? There are a bunch of guys that sent in International Money Orders (which seems like the proper thing to do), but since the IMOs will be in US currency, they might get sent back by a very specific Garimpo and the next wad of Yen taken in it's place.

Anyhoooo, i'm digging the new sculp, the translucent colorway, the new rad arm attachment... pretty much everything....I hope, I hope this means more of this figure in all kinds of groovy and yummy colorways!! Bring 'em on!!!

gr-b 400x133


untitled 400x176

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