Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Super 7 Halloween Monster Mash Custom Art Show!!

monster_mash 400x563

Super 7 is having a Halloween custom art show featuring some heavy hitting artists and maybe even a few not so heavy hitting artists including a custom or two by yours truly.

From Super 7:

Super7 is proud to present the Halloween Monster Mash custom art show, featuring the custom figures of a variety of artists from both sides of the Pacific! Western and Eastern artists come together to create the coolest collection of customs ready to haunt your shelf for the month of October.

This show will be the first, last and only release ever for the Nathan Jurevicius' Fauna characters. Direct from MTV Canada and Nathan himself, these three monster miscreants will only be released here, and this will be a rare chance to handle these near extinct species.

Speaking of little known species, a new Beetle has been found in the remote wilderness of Japan - Beetlar! This orange vinyl figure with black and silver has never been released before and will make it's worldwide debut at the Monster Mash show.

Another dramatic debut is the latest top secret figure from the twisted bubble-gum mind of Le Merde. A fan favorite, you know Le Merde has the rock on lock, Burger Buns on the brain and plenty hidden up his sleeves. Don't miss your chance to own the latest addition to the Le Merde arsenal of awesome.

Not to be outdone, we present a collection of custom figures from the Super7 friends and family kaiju support network. Heavy hitters Paul Kaiju, Kathie Olivas, Koji Harmon, Kyoka Ikeda, Brian Flynn, Hiro Hayashi, Joe Huerta, Josh Herbolsheimer and Leecifer rub elbows and swap paint with Skullbrain.org regulars and SF locals for a fun filled evening of colorful vinyl chaos.

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