Monday, February 19, 2007

Tim Biskup's Vermillion Brother #2 Released on February 23rd!!


ok, guys, for those of you that might have been asleep at the switch all day when Brother #1 was releasd, you have a chance to get pretty much get the same figure in his twin Brother #2. I had to put the two pictures together to really see the paint differences. No fancy lip gloss on this brother, but a bit more eye-shade. Me? Gonna pass so you guys can get one and save my moolah for the next painted Pollard which will hopefully be based on the blue colorway!! Brother #2 will be released initially at the NY Comic Con, but will have a limited amount available online at Flopdoodle on February 23rd at 11am PST.

Brother#1 (dont' blink)


From Flopdoodle:

Big Pollard is the newest figure in Tim Biskup’s Alphabeast series. The 9” tall figure is made in Japan in one of the few Japanese factories that still make vinyl figures. This is the second factory painted version. It is limited to 250 and comes packaged in classic kaiju style in a brand new header card and printed bag. The figure was sculpted by Tim & cleaned up by Kiyoka Ikeda from Gargamel Toy Company.

Note: This figure is being released at our booth at New York Comic-Con (#339 - Listed as Huckleberry Toys, but it's really us!). The show runs from Friday, February 23rd to Sunday, the 25th. We will only be offering a handfull of the figures here online. "Vermillion Brother" #1 was released in January.

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