Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Toynami Announces Three New Transformable Mospeada Cyclones!!


Mecha Legend Roger Harkavy shares the news from Raving Toy Manic covering the American International Toy Fair that Toynami is going to produce three (3) new transformable Cyclones from the Mospeada (Robotech) series!!! Cyclone fans rejoice!!! I've always wanted a transformable Cyclone since I was a wee lad, but never could pull the trigger on the vintage Gakken version for whatever reason. Now I am blessed with not one, but three Cyclones to collect with updated engineering and modern transforming goodness! Let's see pics of the other two Cyclones!!! Count me in!!!!! Thanks Roger!!


The Robotech Masterpiece Collection returns with this all-new assortment focusing on the Cyclones! These high-quality, ultra-detailed transformable vehicles offer an authentic re-creation of the ultimate in personal combat/transportation gear.

Each volume is limited in production, and is packaged in our trademark "book-style" box with slide-out tray, allowing for safe storage and "forever mint-in-box packaging."

Volume 1: Scott Bernard's Cyclone
Volume 2: Lancer's Cyclone
Volume 3: Sue Graham's Cyclone

1. Fully transformable from motorcycle to armored suit
2. Die-cast metal and plastic construction
3. Highly articulated action figure
4. Authentic rubber tires


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