Monday, February 26, 2007

RealxHead x Popsoda x Wonderfestival 2007!!


Last Friday, Josh over at Super 7 alerted us to keep an eye out Saturday morning...there was going to be some kind of RealxHead toy released. With Isaac, Brian and Hiro in Japan for Wonderfest, I was thinking it was probably new RxH stock, that we had all seen before, showing up at the store. Any really new stuff was still in Japan with the guys, and they prolly wouldn't release something completely new being out of town anyways. Well, much to my surprise and delight, not only did Super7 release a brand new RealxHead figure, it was a Wondefestival 2007 release in collaboration with Popsoda!!! It was like we got our own little bit of WF2007 right here in San Francisco!! Awesome!


What do you get when RealxHead collaborates with Popsoda? This amazing new sculp and story behind "The Incredible Drink Popsoda" Check out the comic that came with this new sick figure! Essentially this normal dude wearing this varsity jacket who Mori from RxH gives some of this "Incredible Drink Popsoda". He starts to feel weird and then gets splattered by a bus into this slimey mess which somehow turns him into this melting Popsoda monster!












Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of the comic- that makes me want one! Doh!

Maybe if they make it in SLIME color...

But yeah, cool! I like origin stories.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got the GID Goon last night! It's pretty neat-o! I freaked when it glowed in the dark...I was somehow delighted by my own reaction in a weird way. It was like the GIDness brought out some old primal "!" OK, that probaby doesn't make any sense. Anyway, it was totally badass and I almost forgot how much I paid for it. I decide to try some other Japanese vinyl, so I picked up the only Desura Kaiju-Taro had; the purple and blue one with the dark-red belly. I like those colors, and it kind of has a Dinosaur Jr. vibe sans a green color. Art-toy indeed. It brought out something--or rather , I was able to find sense in the color scheme in my own personal way. hmmm...


I'll try and get some pics!



toybot studios said...


congrats on your first piece of Japanese vinyl. By the way you described going after your second piece, I pity your wallet. You've now begun down the slippery slope! god help you! welcome and enjoy the ride! now off to for you!

Anonymous said...

haha! Yeah, thanks...I've been looking...slippery indeed.
btw, the Desura showed up, and you're right; it is better in person.

I think I'm going to take my time with this before I end up brizzoke.


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