Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gung Hay Fat Choy with NVC Crew!!!!


Gung Hay Fat Choy means "Happy New Years" in Cantonese!!! Today is Chinese New Year so what could be more fitting than a special Chinese New Year Labbit and Dunny Custom diorama from the NVC Crew??!! Dr. Bao dropped me a note and gave me a little background on this amazing diorama. Apparently it all started with Kozik's five inch Labbit. They were going to customize one into a traditional Chinese Lion for a friend's wedding where it is customary to have a martial arts troupe get into these elaborate costumes with these giant Lion heads and perform the traditional Chinese Lion Dance. Well, Bao and Spive decided to keep the Chinese Lion and make this diorama for Chinese New Years adding the traditional Little Buddha, but even better: adding Wong Fei Hung!!


Wong Fei Hung was a real Doctor and martial artist that lived in China during the 1800's who was, and to this day, is a Chinese Folk Hero - kinda like Robin Hood. You might recognize his name from movies like "Drunken Master" with Jackie Chan or most notably, Jet Li's epic "Once Upon a Time in China" series. However, my favorite would have to be Donnie Yen's amazing performance as Wong Fei Hong's father in "Iron Monkey"!! This one is prolly one of my all-time favorite Martial Arts movie!!


Back to NVC Crew's diorama, it wasn't easy to dress the Labbit as a Chinese Lion! It took Dr. Bao three times before he found just the right fur that looked appropriate for the Chinese Lion! Also he needed something that would tie everything together which was the Chinese Gate from which the Lion would eat at the lettuce while the firecrackers went off to scare the evil demons!!



I'm really happy that Dr. Bao and Spive decided to honor one of China's most beloved folk heroes for Chinese New Year!! Check out Dr. Bao busting out some of his Wu Shu!! Jet Li better watch out!!


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