Monday, February 12, 2007

Balzac Tour Exclusive: Secret Base x Merry Cowskull!!


Ryan from Shocker Worldwide gives us a very sneak peek at a new Secret Base x Balzac sculp depicting a Skullman with Merry's signature Cowskull head!! How crazy is that? Looks like there will be four different colorways released at four different concert venues in Japan in the next couple of weeks:

Feb 17th - Nagoya -
Skullman (Black & White) w/ tour title in kanji print
SkullBxBxB (Black & White) w/ english tour title print

Feb 18th - Osaka - SkullBxBxB (Red & White)
w/ tour title in kanji print

Feb 20th - Hakata - SkullBxBxB (Pink & White)
w/ "balzac & merry" katakan print

Feb 24th - Shinuya - SkullBxBxB (White & Black)
w/ "balzac & merry" katakana print

They were supposed to be Tour exclusives only, but Ryan says they will be selling them after the tour. We will keep our fingers crossed! I can hardly wait to see all the different colorways! There will also be Four colorways of the "SkullMerry" to match the smaller "SkullbeeBBM". Cool...I want...

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