Thursday, February 08, 2007

Biskup Vermillion Brothers Pollards Preview!!!


Sorry...really late getting these pics up. Worth a second look for those of you that might have missed all the fanfare last month when Biskup sold-out 250 of these sweet Vermillion colored Pollards. Don't worry, you might have a chance at getting his brother sometime this month!!

Big Pollard is the newest figure in Tim Biskup’s Alphabeast series. The 9” tall figure is made in Japan in one of the few Japanese factories that still make vinyl figures. This is the first factory painted version. It is limited to 250 and comes packaged in classic kaiju style in a brand new header card and printed bag. The figure was sculpted by Tim & cleaned up by Kiyoka Ikeda from Gargamel Toy Company.

Note: "Vermillion Brother" #2 will be released in February (Location TBA).


hmmmmm, if this is what Brother #2 is gonna look like, it's a bit of a shame cause they look so similar....must be twins!! Would have been cool if the spray on the 2nd was more distinct and contrasting. But hey, i'm not a genius toy designer making a ga-zillion dollars every time I crap out a piece of vinyl! Biskup must be doing something right!! I did order Brother #1!!

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