Monday, February 19, 2007

World of Warcraft Action Figures!!!


Just so you know, I don't usually post about western toys that much, and I am prolly one of only three people on this planet that doesn't play World of Warcraft (WoW for the un-initiated). But when I saw these little beauties on Raving Toy Maniac's very comprehensive coverage of New York's Toy Fair, I just had to take a second look. It kinda looks like something McFarlane would do, but I think these sculps are amazing. The Dwarf is what got me hooked. You can bet i'm putting him on my desk when it comes out in October!!


Offered by DC Unlimited - DC Comics' new brand of authentic collectibles based on the world's greatest pop-culture characters and stories. DC Unlimited products, created by DC Direct, will be sold through multiple distribution channels worldwide including specialty stores, comics shops and mass market retailers.


America's #1 selling PC game since 2004 bursts into action figure form in this incredible debut line from DC Unlimited. WORLD OF WARCRAFT is the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game with over 8 million devoted subscribers, and now its characters have been sculpted as action figures by DC Unlimited!

Advance-solicited; on sale October 24, 2007
Action Figures

Orc Shaman: Rehgar Earthfury
Blood Elf Rogue: Valeera Sanguinar
Dwarf Warrior: Thargas Anvilmar
Undead Warlock: Meryl Felstorm


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