Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wonderfest 2007 Sneak Peek!!

For those of us not as lucky at Hiro, Isaac and Brian to go to Japan next week for Wonderfest 2007, we will have to make do with photos and the hopes that some of this schwag will be available to us stateside at some point in the future at reasonable prices. Thanks to Akum6n for starting the Wonderfest Preview thread on Skullbrain.

Rumble Monsters will be releasing a Mini Damnedron in this "Pirahna" Yellow which should only be 3-4 inches tall but have all the moxy of it's larger sibling. All Japanese toy makers take note: Mini figures are dope!



Thanks to LivingDead for this scan of Hyper Hobby showing the much-sought after clear Gargamel Smogon and Mini Zag with inserts. If I could only wait in line at one table for one set of toys, this would be it. What more could you ask for? Rumors that only 50 will be produced.

Wonderfest Gargamel

Charatics steps up with a new colorway of the awesome mini King Waldar set. My preference would have been clear vinyls, but then again, I would always ask for clears....I think they look like those Japanese milky popsicles. yummmy!


Charatics also has a bunch of Hedorans in three different sizes and sculps in new colorways as well...not to mention the Miami Biollante!!!!





Darkside Toys comes with some new interesting toys as well. I like the Skull Trio!!





toysrevil said...

note to self: ...must...resist...kaiju...!!!! LOL

Jennifer George said...

I must have a mini Damnedron. I must I tell you!!!

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