Thursday, April 20, 2006

Toy Photographer Spotlight: Hsin Ho

This week, I would like to showcase another amazing toy photographer that I have "met" on Flickr named Hsin Ho. He hails from the great island nation of Taiwan where he is a student at Da-Yeh University majoring in Ceramics in the Department of Plastic Art. Wow, that must be a cool major!

I first noticed Hsin while cruising around Flickr and was very impressed with his use of lighting. But I think what really sets Hsin apart from many toy photographers is his uncanny sense of composition. I think many of us take fairly normal shots of our toys that include most if not all of the toy or figure. Hsin through his use of composition can only take a shot of an arm or leg and have the image evoke a certain dark mood. Judging from his penchant for gory figures, you can assume that Hsin is a major Horror Film buff. If you click on the link above to his Flickr photo gallery, he has kindly created a really cool and goth 2006 calendar featuring his latest shots from his Vampirella collection!

Why do you like to take photographs of toys?
"It has been 8 years since I bought my first action figure, when I try to used my digital camera focus on a McFarlane toy in the 2004, I know I can't stop. I spend a lot of time to practice and take photos, in my photographs I try to find the character of each figure; every time is a new challenge to me. It really needs a lot of patient but I do enjoy it. In my mind, each figure is unique; they can be more than just toys."

As you can see below, Hsin's photography has a very cinematic feel to it...evoking drama, emotion...very much like a movie still! Keep up the great work Hsin! If that Plastic Arts degree doesn't work out for you, there is always toy photography!!


Anonymous said...

[if that Plastic Arts degree doesn't work out for you, there is always toy photography!!]
I love this part,This is funny, lol

Thank you,Kirkland.^^

Unknown said...

very nice! *applause*

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