Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Super7 Updates!!!

Super7 Super Exclusives!!!

April 22nd - Visible Ghost silkscreen
Designed by Brian Flynn, Super7 is releasing a limited edition silkscreen print of a "Visible Ghost". Taking visual cues from old translucent snap-together model kits and vintage anatomical charts, this playful 16" wide by 20" tall 3-color print is screened in glow- in-the-dark ink (for the ghost) with black and green details. Limited to 100 prints, all hand signed and numbered, they are available at the Super7 store as well as additional retailers across the country. $40 retail

April 29th - Super7 x Sin+Wombat Black Chicken Fever release
Japanese vinyl up and comer, Sin+Wombat has been surging in the underground, and for their first collaboration with an outside
company, they let Super7 design their own colorway for their Chicken Fever Alien character. Done up in the trademark Super7 colors, Black and Orange, this little invader is limited to 50 pieces, and is exclusive to the super7 stre and website (www.super7store.com).

$50 retail on April 29th 12 Noon. First come, first served, no holds.


Real Head AkroKaiser Pink Version

Hedorah Mini set - 2nd color version

Desura vs. Thrashout Man set

Blue Bakobaso Set



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