Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Most Expensive Microman Ever: Micro Sister UNI Preview!!!

From AnimeNation:
"For over 30 years Takara's Microman series of action figure toys has been a fan favorite. The classic series that spun off The Transformers gets a "moe" upgrade for 2006 with the limited edition "Microman 2006 Parallel World Micro Sister Uni" series. The limited edition Aura and Croix versions Micro Sister UNI are 3.35 inch tall figures featuring over 30 points of articulation, an assortment of accessories including an alternate face, handheld PC gun, hand glove, black costume, and a book featuring illustrated designs, manga, and a short prose story.

This highly collectable toy set is expected to be available in extremely limited quantities. Therefore, AnimeNation can only accept advance pre-orders orders for this figure until early April. The figure is scheduled for Japanese release on July 28th."

At $90 for the set, these are the most expensive "Microman" Takara has ever released!!! I like them and they are cute, but that's alot of Cheddar for two glorified Microman!!

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