Friday, April 07, 2006

Super 7 KittyFire New Green / Blue Glow Colorway...Coooool!!!

Super 7 just announced a new, really interesting colorway for their vastly popular and mega limited Kittyfire vinyl figure. Check it out!! Unfortunately, if you're not a subscriber to the Super 7 magazine, you won't be able to buy this yet. So subscribe to Super 7!! If not, and you really, really want it, you can send me the moolah via Paypal and I will buy it on your behalf. Looks pretty dope and I will say I prefer this version to the original Red one.

Dear Super7 Subscriber,
After months of delays the 2nd Super7 Kittyfire version, Glow w/ green & blue spray, is ready to go. Super7 would like to offer this toy to subscribers first! Here is your chance to get the glow version before anyone else.

This Mirrorman Villain, Kittyfire, stands 15" tall comes in uber cool black matte box with gold styling. Lift open the upper box to reveal a surprise display inside. Fully licensed from Tsuburaya Productions of Japan. Kittyfire designed by Mark Nagata, Packaging by Brian Flynn.

Glow Kittyfire: $90 +shipping

Please go here to place your order:

Thanks, Super7

Here's a picture of the original Kittyfire for comparison!

What's new at Super7 for April??? Read on!!!

April is set to be a big month for Super7. Here are just some of the things happening at Super7.

April 1st: Release of the Super7 x Balzac Paperbag Man. Nearly sold out on pre-order, but we still have a few left for sale. Get them while supplies last.

April 7th: Bwana Spoons "Killer" artshow at the Super7 Store. Lots of new artwork and some old pieces will be on display this April in the Super7 Store. Come on down for a opening party on April 7th, 7-9pm

April 8th and 9th: Check out Super7 Magazine at the Alernative Press Expo(APE) in San Francisco. We will have a nice table set up with our new issue, art prints, tshirts and lots of toys

April 15th: The release of the SUPER7 EXCLUSIVE BLOBPUS and an instore performance by Mike Park at 2pm. Check out for more info on Mike. The San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival will be going on that weekend too.

Here are some new items on our website:

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GX-30 Battle Fever Robo

Popy Baltan Glow vinyl

Flying Hedorah Glow

Giant Hedorah CC Glow

Retro Godzilla Clear Candy Red

Meteron - Bandai Ultramonster Series

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