Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Qee Killer Cats 2 Photo Gallery!!

As usual, I was looking for stuff to buy online. I was just writing up the post on the custom Trexi's spotted on and decided to find a couple of cool Trexi's for myself on eBay. I found a few which I will post in a second, but also found this cool set of Qee's "Killer Cats 2" featuring obvious spoofs of the infamous Mr. Han from Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" and The Bride from Tarentino's "Kill Bill". The irony is that Uma Thurman's bright yellow track suit costume worn in the fantastic sword fight in the tea house against the Crazy 88 gang is in itself a spoof on Bruce Lee's yellow track suit worn in his last movie, "The Game of Death". Hell, while were at it, yes, the Crazy 88's are another obvious spoof off of Bruce Lee's "Kato" from the Green Hornet TV series. You old farts will know all of this, but just in case the 'youngins are reading, I want to make sure they get all the references!








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