Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Evangelion Type-F Trading Figures!!!

In 2003, Bandai produced a Playstation 2 video game featuring a new incarnation of EVA 01 called "Type-F" which has slightly updated styling and weapons. Type-F is supposed to be set in a unique Evangelion universe, but I never played the game, so I can't you fo' certain all the gruesome details. What I can tell you is that I just found these awesome Evangelion Type-F trading figures. After a caught a glimpse of them on an online site, I scoured the web and eBay looking for the best deal on the set. I was able to find a set of Five (5) with the variant blue color on one Eva for $19.99 plus $12.00 shipping and handeling out of Hong Kong. I'm pretty pleased with this purchase. I was thinking about buying a couple of more sets, and selling them individually on eBay, but the margins are rather slim for the amount of effort invested. I should have them a few days so expect a full review and gallery soon!! Check out those crazy weapons!!?? The dual swords are very cool...the crazy missile launching guitar is interesting, but the boney-fish stick takes the cake!!! What do you guys think of the alternate styling???

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