Monday, April 17, 2006

Official Gundam Ultimate Operation Bounty Hunt!!!

I stumbled across the official Bandai Fusion Works Gundam Ultimate Operation website the other day. I know, I know...for someone that is a such a big fan of this mini figure series, you would think I would have found this site long ago. Well, nope...I didn't. This post started out as a history lesson of sorts where I was going to catalog every Gundam Ultimate Operation Series and show you the poster that had all the figures in each series. So, in Ultimate Operation, that would have been 10 series (11 if you include the Best Of Set), then Ultimate Operation Plus has 3 series so far. That total 13-14 series. Easy enough to post the posters. Then as I was going through the site, I thought it would be cool to post each and every figure individually but then I would just be re-creating the site itself and that's lame. What I did notice as I was going through the FW site, was all of the past figures that I missed. There are several that are damn cool and I WANT them. So this post has turned into the first-ever Gundam Ulimate Operation Bounty Hunt. Any of you guys reading this post with any of the following figures, drop me a note if you would care to sell or trade. We'll see how it goes. I know some of the following figures are on sale on eBay as part of the set, but my problem is that I only want the ones listed below - not the entire set. Many of them are pretty rare by now. So, if you got 'em and are willing to sell or trade, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between ultimate operation and standart?

toybot studios said...

nothing really. just different lines. From my experience, the StandArt figures are actually a bit smaller. Also I think they retired the Ultimate Operation line.

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