Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dusty Old Toy Find: MSiA Kaempfer

As some of you might know, the Kaempfer is one of my favorite all time mechas. I love the bulky design, the strong color and his spikey shoulders. Not to mention the duel rocket launchers and shotguns. I like a robot who is armed to the teeth! The Kaempfer was one of my first Master Grade Kits that I put together and it still holds a fond place in my heart. It was also the subject of one of my earliest and best toy pictures using a lousy 1 megapixel camera. So this post I dedicate to the awesome Kaempfer as I re-discovered him as a dusty old toy find in the MSiA series. As you might know, the Kaempfer has yet to be promoted to the heights of Zeongraphy which is Bandai's premier action figure line. I'm sure this will not last too much longer as Kaempfer is one of the most popular mechas out there. They did, however make him in the MSiA series which is one or two steps down from Zeongraphy in terms of detail, paint, etc., but nonetheless, still a stunning reproduction of a worthy robot. Up until fairly recently, you might remember me being somewhat of an MSiA snob. I wrote this post in December which was the turning point in my opinion for MSiA figures. Like all MSiA figures, he is about 4.5 inches tall and has all the necessary accoutremants including the aforementioned rocket launchers, shotgun, laser rifle and rockets. Each weapon has it's place on the appropriate places on the body so one does not have far to go to get easy access to blasting!







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Anonymous said...

...I don't remember the Kampfer having a "laser rifle" o_O

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