Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 3 Mini Figures Review and Gallery

My two sets of Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 3 Mini Figures have both arrived! If you're new to toybot studios, I mistakenly purchased two sets not realizing that I had pre-ordered the first set long ago...doh! This 3rd set in the series did not disappoint either as you can see from the photos. My favorite has to be the camoflauge Geara Doga which is just completely bad-ass! For those of you that are not familiar with Gundam Ultimate Operation Mini figures, let me explain: They are somewhat rare 4-inch mini figures that come pre-painted and highly detailed. They usually come in very dynamic poses with limited articulation - meaning you can mostly twist their torsos, heads, arms, but not much else. This sounds very limiting, but it works very well and I really have taken a shine to collecting these little guys. The detail in the sculp and paint quality of these little figures is impressive. They are relatively hard to find in your normal retail stores, so most collectors will buy them by the case of twelve. Be warned, once you get one, you will be hooked and will want to collect them all. It's the potato chip curse.

Click on the photo at the end and that will take you to my Gundam UO Plus 3 figures on sale on eBay!!!














Anonymous said...

Another great gallery- the Geara Dogas look especially nice, in terms of proportions.

Do you know if FWUO Plus is permanently replacing the normal FWUO series? It doesn't seem like they've made any of those since Series 10 (unless you count FWUO Best).

toybot studios said...

Yeah, I think so. I believe FWUO Best was the last in that series and now we have FWUO Plus (as in better and more detailed).

who knows? Bandai is the king of new toy series. next will be FWUO "Ultra" or something.

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