Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Evangelion Rei and Asuka Alternate Professions Figures!!!

I launched a discussion on Flickr asking about all the online stores that people purchase their Japanese toys from. Fellow Flickr Shadow77 said that he buys a lot of toys from Twin Moons Anime. I had actually never heard of it, nor been to the site before. I have to say that Twin Moons is a very nice site indeed. It has a couple of features which differentiate it from other online stores:

1. Robust Discussion Boards on all things Anime
2. Separate Photo Galleries for members for their Toy Collection Pictures
3. When you hover over a new item or pre-order listing, a pop-up shows the item!
4. When you click on a photo of an item, it launches a viewer which shows alternate shots and includes the Zoomify functionality to zoom and pan around a photo.
5. Very competitive prices.

So I went shopping and pre-ordered two more Kaiyodo Revolvtech figures plus Toynami's Series 2 of their mini-transforming Valkyries (which I will hightlight in another post)

What I did purchase immediately and the subject of this round a-about post was the following Evangelion Rei and Asuka Special Forces figures. I personally had never seen these before, but they are not new. I had actually seen the other Rei Green Ninja figure, but wasn't really into it for some reason. I don't think she really looks that ninja-like. Both sets look really cool and come with a ton of extra weapons which is always a big plus in my book, but I opted to spend my hard-earned and quickly dwindling moolah on the Special Forces Set which should arrive in a few days with a review and picture gallery to follow. Which set do you guys prefer? I could easily see an alternate universe manga or maybe even anime showing Rei and Asuka as Ninjas and / or Special Forces Agents. Bring it on!!!

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