Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Tarantulas x RealxHead x Onell Design: "Real x Nibbler"


Real x Nibbler is a triple collab between Onell Design, Real x Head & The Tarantulas.. The original design by Chris was interpreted into RxH style by Mori and sculpted / manufactured in Japan by Real x Head..

This is the first vinyl version of The Nibbler - the debut release being unpainted with vinyl cut eye decals. Real x Nibbler stands 10.5cm tall ( 4 1/4" ) and has articulated Head, Arms & Waist.. Colours in this wave are Molten Pink with White eyes ( Mutagenesis #1 ) & Anti-Matter Black with Mirror eyes ( Mutagenesis #2 ).. Price will be £25 plus shipping.

This wave will be sold exclusively at The Tarantulas Big Cartel store - 'Fishtank Castle' - on Friday 25th February GMT PM - exact time TBC - check

The Tarantulas x RealxHead

The Tarantulas x RealxHead

The Tarantulas x RealxHead

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