Thursday, February 03, 2011

CURE: Spooky Boogie...!!

Cure Spooky Boogie

Full color pic of the upcoming CURE Spooky Boogie. This guy looks awesome. If you were to ask me which toy company really does it right when it comes to distinctive releases at a good pace, my first thought would be CURE. Every Boogie-man is distinctive from the last. And they don't release four a month either.

Not exactly sure if this release will come with a mask, shroud, cape or a clear body. I am going to guess that this guy is not intended to have a clear body skin, but I wouldn't mind being wrong. It's just that past Boogies with Skeletal inserts have always been in pieces.

There are rumors that CURE will sell additional accessories that you can choose from kind like a GI Joe doll to create your individual Spooky Boogie to your tastes. I'm all for that..!

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