Friday, February 18, 2011

Even MORE Alien Argus Customs...!!

5452693257_6b0e3e14a7_o 400x681

DYADRONE by Jan Calleja. Amazing. Unbelievable. How does he even make these parts? Crazy talented. via: ToysREvil

5452693471_8b57158dba_o 400x567

Another great example of real customization by Chauskoskis. Basically turned the Argus body and head upside down. Reminds me of a pickle.
5451867461_cba5e508d9_z 400x524

5451867035_fa5b695bb1_z 400x533

Beautiful colorway by Emilio Garcia. Thought for sure we could incorporate some frog brains in there somewhere.
5451646175_a4782a9cf0_z 400x535

Love Cris Rose's cyborg alien. Skinner's signature colors. What Plaseebo toy could not have tentacles. via: Spanky Stokes
AlienArgus_ToyArtGallery 400x616

OsirisOrion 400x299

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