Thursday, February 17, 2011

Custom Toys by Mexican Artist Frank Mysterio


I've been a fan of Frank Mysterio's custom toys for a while now. I think his hand-painted toys are fresh and bring that "Lucha Libra" vibe.

Frank Mysterio is originally from Mexico, just about 2 years about his interest grew and figther kaiju figures, at first to change platform to speak and now it grew a taste for japonezas parts, it is their interest that has tattooed a NAGNAGNAG, as he shared his interest in the kaiju RHX by intervening parts, secret bases and m1go which has had a greater appreciation for the textures, as is to implement the same taste in kaiju in illustration and graffiti. Is currently led by the hand and work with kaiju artoys but trying to make estilso different in these two types of toys.

One of my favorites.




Another interesting thing he does is actually alter the sculp itself by adding features and details.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for supporting Mexican art, I hope people appreciate a little mexico to kaiju

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