Monday, February 07, 2011

2" Glyanaut Previews...???!!!


If these are things to come in the potential new 2" scale Glyanauts, i'm all over it. These little dudes are perfect.

via: Onell Design Blog

That little Glyanaut got something rolling while I was building some stuff, resulting in a full spectrum of Adventure People inspired creations. As I was working on the designs, it became more and more clear that having fully interchangeable "human" proportioned characters is a welcome addition to the ranks and has me analyzing the 2" scale a little harder.

One of the goals from this series of constructions was to "nail the scale" with the Glyans, and I think the look presented above is the most in line for what would work, in aesthetics and functionality. I also really like the mysterious "helmeted" vibe these guys have, like it could be anyone under the hood. It reminds me of all the neat characters who would never show their actual face, their masks ironically being what defines them. That being said, I've been working on some human heads and they actually fit proportionally very well with the size and form factor of these new body constructions. I hope you guys get a kick out of these builds, and hopefully they get the juices flowing for a full scale Glyan invasion.

PS- The Fisher Price Adventure People line was one of the greatest damn piles of plastic that ever went into production. It still inspires me to this day with almost everything I do regarding toy development. What a play pattern those toys had.






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