Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Shinto Gangu ON-DEMAND...!!!!

110201-chaosman-01 400x533

There has been a lot of complaining that despite the new RealxHead USA site and online store, we were still missing out on all of the cool "micro-releases" held in-store at Shinto Gangu. Well, looks like Don and Mori are listening which is nice, but i'm curious to see what happens. Does being able to Pre-Order whatever toys you want decrease the allure and mystery of the toys? Personally I think so. As other have put it, then it becomes plain shopping and not collecting. Don't get me wrong, I like drama-free buying as much as anyone, but I have to admit when I see a micro-release at RealxHead knowing that there are probably only 3-5 of these painted in some awesome colorway, it gets me excited and I want to track it down.

So here is our new concept - we have dubbed it “Shinto Gangu On-demand” - it is basically a pre-order system for micro-releases. For this online retail experiment - Mori has selected these 4 recent colorways of the Chaosmen - 1 each of Chaosman #1 (Chaos), Chaosman #2 (Fly Guy), Chaosman #3 (The Owl) and the newest member Chaosman X . the base vinyl on all the figures is black.

You will have the opportunity to pre-order 1 of each figure. The pre-order will be open until Friday. Payment - including shipping from the U.S. - will be paid upfront via Paypal. Once the orders are in, Mori and Goto will immediately set to work and we will have these figures in your hot grubby hands via the RxH U.S.A. depot within 4 weeks. Some of these colorways have been on sale recently at Shinto Gangu and a few may have made it to U.S. retailers but they will not be offered again. Once the deadline has passed the release will be considered closed.

The pre-order is now open and will close Friday February 11th at 11pm EST. If you have any question or coments regarding this release - put them in the comments section of this post and we will answer them to the best of our ability.

PRE_ORDER HERE. You have until Friday, February 11th, 11pm EST to place your order.

110201-chaosman-03 400x533

110201-chaosman-02 400x533

110201-chaosman-0x 400x533

Thankfully for my credit card, I don't really collect these larger figures. In fact, the only one I have is this one:
RxH at SDCC 2010

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