Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mark Nagata Custom Alien Argus

5451962747_241f0713b3_z 400x615

Mark Nagata is bringing a few of his own amazing custom Alien Argus' to the show. A few of them have guts showing hand-sculpted with epoxy. Insane.

5451962615_dec9b82d1b_z 400x616

5452575134_b471eba5f8_z 400x633

5452574876_1a21e9122c_z 400x595

Here is one showcasing Monster Kolor
5452574956_735232291b_z 400x664

Finally, here is a very limited run exclusively for the show. Limited to 10 pieces numbered.
5452575078_b7eea89479_z 400x608

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