Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Your 3A Mongrol on Sunday at 5pm PST...!!!

mongrolnew 400x590

Almost here..! Well the purchasing the toy part is almost here. The waiting for said toy for a while will begin soon enough..! The massive and intimidating MONGROL from the ABC Warriors goes on pre-sale on Monday at 5pm PST. Almost 12" square. There is also reportedly an all black "stealth" version which will be a Bambaland Store exclusive. I'm thinking Dirty Deeds style as opposed to Nightwatch. Save your pennies cause these guys will set you back $250 each. MONGROL SMOOSH...!!

For me, this is great. My only exposure to 2000AD was the dreaded Judge Dredd movie with Stallone. The movie pretty much ruined the whole franchise for me. I never even heard of the ABC Warriors until all this 3A madness went down. I think it's a European thing. Now i'm interested in reading the comics and learning more about the other Six members of the ABC Warriors..!

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