Monday, February 07, 2011

NISTUFF x Onell Design 8 Weeks of Custom Madness... Week 6...!!

is-ngh-cs46-lightb-1b 400x306
The Celestial Squadron #46:
These beings are soldiers of another galactic power similar to "The Crew". The "Celestial Squadron" are a growing power in the far 68th sector of Yahl'f space. The main difference between this Galactic power and others is that all races mechanical, organic and otherwise are welcome in the "Celestial Squad".

via:481 Universe.

Damnit..! Late again..!!

The Metaluners:
These organics were tactically positioned on the orbital moon of planet 852. This moon has "unique" qualities. It radiates its inhabitants and mutates their external mechanical shell to gain an extremely hardened reflective layer. Another side effect is that the radiated beings become obsessed with the moon almost to the point of worship. They would never think to leave their new found haven, protecting it for the rest of their existence.
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