Saturday, January 16, 2010

3A WWRp Martins

WWRp Martins

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming WWRp Martins. 1:12 scale. Notice I didn't say Large Martins cause they're not. But writing WWRp Small Martins seem repetitive. I like 'em. Notice that not all of them have the double cannon. All with come with packs. Some are lacking some decals right now. Of course, the Dirty Deeds version looks the best. Hopefully up for pre-order soon so I can utilize my newly renewed 3A Membership..!

WWRp Martins

WWRp Martins

1 comment:

hellopike said...

Is the Dirty Deeds one with the "Dead Eyes Open" on the front? That is sweet, that and the Russian Red one. The more I see of the WWRp the more I want them... I'm going to have to track down a Bramble now.

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