Tuesday, January 26, 2010

L'amour Supreme Hibiki Mongolion Custom

Lamour Supreme Hibiki Mongolion

Take a look at the latest custom Mongolion by the legendary L'amour Supreme. It's Hibiki Mongolion...! A teaser for the next Factory Handpaint? I hope so cause this guy rocks. Although I'm curious on the name Hibiki. My first thought was Kamen Rider Hibiki, but he's normally purple with red gloves. Although there is an all Red Kamen Rider Hibiki as well. Or could it be Dan Hibiki of Street Fighter fame who wears a Red Gi.

Lamour Supreme Hibiki Mongolion

Lamour Supreme Hibiki Mongolion

Thank you to Side for sending this great comparison shot of Hibiki Red. Ok, there is no doubt here.

hibiki 400x514

Here are the two first FHP Mongolions. Bronze Patina and a metallic purple version.

Lamour Supreme Hibiki Mongolion


Side said...


toybot studios said...

lol... yes, thank you Side...! Kamen Rider Hibiki does come in red..!!

BFLV said...

No is not a future release, it is a custom for me ^^
I ask to Lamour to make me a custom of the kamen rider hibiki red, i have join pics top help and the result was perfect.

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