Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Skinner at Grasshut: "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama" Show

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hey man…for a bio? i guess i just had a giant ass show in Berlin…you can look it up on if you want…I have had magazine shit…a new one in Hi fructose coming in January as well maybe that can help the show…i live and work on the Royal castle grounds here in Sac…i obsess about my rabbits Milo and Butterscotch…Im doin alot of design work…blood wizard, capita snowboards, a new clothing line with tank theory and super 7 toys…alex pardee is puttin my book out this year…went traveling in Europe for a couple months…starting to sculpt my own three foot tall doom figures…but i dont really care about any of that shit as much as just trying to make the best epic paintings i can…im starting to work alot bgger when i dont have to do stupid t shirts…oh yeah and i just finished a comic for an anthology that Tim Goodyear from floating world comics is putting out…its an anthology called witch hammer and my part is like if david lynch did H.P. lovecraft…im proud of that…this is a terrible email…im sorry i even started it…Im going to do good by the Hut though and im proud to be an extended member of it…if thats still ok…so when you asked for a bio were you looking for coherence?? man im sorry im growing a beard skinner

“My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama”
All New Artwork by SKINNER!
Show opens Jan 8, 6-9pm
Grass Hut 811 E. Burnside

Awesome cool guy and mad talented but slightly LSD-induced artwork of Skinner will be showcased at Bwana's grasshutcorp this friday. Sounds like a rad party, eh? Rumors about a Super 7 toy in the works. Perhaps Skinner as part of the Monster Family? Sounds interesting, but since much of Skinner's work uses so much color, i'm curious as to how it will translate. This isn't to say his characters can't stand up on their own. but without the crazy colors, i think it will be different. Also if it will be a Monster Family toy, that limits the amount of real estate available for all his crazy angles and textures. Regardless, I welcome a Skinner toy in any form or fashion.

Skinner GH 400x400

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