Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toys of the Week Episode 1...Siccaluna and Killer J Sarumon

So i'm trying something new with this video segment called "Toys of the Week". The idea is a 3-5 min no-frills video showing some of the new toys acquired for the week. It's not really meant as a review or anything like that, but some commentary about what I like and don't like will be included. Despite the name of the segment, it may or may not happen every week as I might not have any new toys to film.! Let me know if you like the vids or think they suck.


Side said...


wingclipper said...

awesome, i dig it! def would like to see more of these in the future

krakit said...

I enjoyed the video.
If you plan on doing
this on a regular basis
I'll be subscribing to
your YouTube account.

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