Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HENGE h010101: Transformable Interior Object

I saw this toy/sculpture back in December on Vinyl Pulse and thought it was kinda interesting. Looks to be made out of some kind polyurethane resin. As you can see in the movie, it transforms from a space ship into a blossoming robot of some kind. The design looks like a love child between Five Star Stories and Gundam. While I think it's pretty cool, even hardcore collectors will balk at the $1,100 price tag. Gadzooks. For this kind of money you could buy the 1:6 Toys McCoy Machinen Krieger figure or the Sideshow Toys Avatar AMP Suit. Either toy a more worthwhile investment than the HENGE IMHO. Still, I admire the fact that this artist went out and cast his own design and make his toy dreams a reality. This kind of thing is priceless.

HENGE_h010101_01 400x400

Transformable Interior Object - HENGE
HENGE dynamically transforms its form to the totally different, distinctive forms. These physically-impossible transformations have been realized by the application of advanced gimmicks. Please find out HENGE's sophisticated mechanism and unique transformation process in your own hand.

Product Name: (none)
Item No.: h010101
Price: JPY 100,000 (Approx. USD 1,100)
Limited Production: 100 pieces only
Made of polyurethane resin, Completely assembled
All Made In Japan
Release Date: December 12, 2009

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